More than just a manufacturing company

We’re mindful about how our products are made. Cultivating crystal clear ice takes more than just time. It takes a team that’s committed to attention to detail, striving for greatness, and innovation. We’re proud of the hard working people who make up Minnesota Ice and show up every day to create something incredible.

Our Philosophy

At Minnesota Ice, we believe that great ice is the foundation for a great experience.

We’re setting the standard for excellence in cocktail and sculpture ice, and we're here to show you how.

Our Team

Robbie Harrell
Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO, Robbie is Minnesota Ice’s compass. An entrepreneur and startup lover from the jump, Robbie brings a tenacity for business that drives Minnesota Ice forward.

Since founding the company in 2013, Robbie has set the visionary direction for what's possible. He sees opportunity in places where others cannot and relentlessly problem solves to get there.

Robbie is a mover and shaker who is unafraid to get his hands dirty. He oscillates from high-level, strategic business planning to in-the-trenches with his team. His passion for Minnesota Ice is palpable; Robbie lives and breathes this business.

Chris Erickson

As an operations extraordinaire, Chris brings a skillset to Minnesota Ice that has transformed the performance of the business. He takes high-level business concepts and makes them digestible and actionable to the team.

Chris is a problem solver who wants to make each component of the business successful and does so with thought and intention behind his decision-making.

Erik Eastman
Director of Sales

Since he joined in 2017, Erik has been instrumental in the Minnesota Ice business. He has a deep passion for the product lines and an exceptional ability to cultivate relationships with bars, restaurants, retailers, and beyond. His passion and skill have expanded Minnesota Ice’s business from a half dozen locations in 2017 to hundreds today. His desire to ensure that each customer experiences something unforgettable has been crucial in the success of the brand.

Mark Lawson
Lead Engineer

Mark’s dedication to Minnesota Ice has been profound. An engineering and mechanical whiz, Mark touches everything from carving ice blocks to maintaining all the machinery in the Minnesota Ice shop. No machine or piece of equipment is too big a challenge; without his fearlessness and dedication, Minnesota Ice wouldn’t be where it is today.

Trevor Pearson
Pro Sculptor

Arguably one of the best ice carvers in the country, Trevor is an artistic, ice sculpting genius. His attention to detail, creativity, hustle, and commitment to his craft is unmatched. He can transform any client’s dream or idea into a tangible, real-life experience. He brings his unique skill set to the team every day and has worked tirelessly to grow Minnesota Ice’s sculpture business.

Jackson Felde
Operations Manager

Jackson brings an energy that Minnesota Ice didn’t know it needed. He is always willing to dive into a problem, no matter how messy or complicated. Jackson loves to learn and listen and has adapted quickly to working in the ice industry. His commitment to his work and his team is unbeaten. Jackson ensures that everyone is set up for success; he is always going above and beyond.

Nick Vasquez
Assistant Operations Manager

With a background in hospitality, Nick fit into the culture and mission of Minnesota Ice seamlessly. As Assistant Operations Manager, Nick ensures the team has what it needs and sets everyone up for success. From setting delivery routes to sharing his fun-loving, witty personality with customers, Nick touches a wide range of critical business components.

Emanuel Aguilar
Head of Production

As Head of Ice Production, Emanuel leads a crew of more than a dozen employees to drive production forward. He has a deep knowledge of the product lines and production capabilities; this mastery is critical in the day-to-day success of Minnesota Ice. He always wants to learn more about how best to operate the business and is dedicated to making things successful for Minnesota Ice.

Kim Kalina
Director of Design & Marketing

From logo design to strategic marketing, Kim is highly skilled in her ability to pivot and turn based on the changing demand. The constraints of a small business and the intricacies of the Minnesota Ice product lines are never too big a challenge for Kim. Her willingness to put time and creative energy into everything she does can be seen and felt by the Minnesota Ice team and customers.

Herson Betancourt
Head of Block Ice

Herson plays a crucial role in Minnesota Ice’s business. Responsible for ice block production, Herson is a master at this finicky operation. Because ice blocks are the starting point for sculptures and specialty cocktail ice, Herson must ensure consistency and near-perfection with each one. Hundreds of 300lb ice blocks pass through Herson’s care each week; without his diligence, the ice would not be the same.

James Tellez Anclm
Head of Sphere Ice Production

As Head of Sphere Ice Production, Jaime directs a critical component of the Pure & Clear™ brand portfolio and is innovative in his approach. He is always finding unique ways to create bespoke products for our customers and partners. When he isn’t overseeing sphere ice production, Jaime supports our Ice Sculpting business by joining forces with Trevor to carve elaborate sculptures and ice experiences. Jaime is a hard working, collaborative, integral part of our team.

Mike Theisen
Lead Delivery

With his deep working knowledge of Minnesota Ice’s clientele and product lines, Mike is able to successfully oversee delivery services for the brand. As someone who has grown within the Minnesota Ice team, Mike’s hard working, thorough approach and clear point-to-point communication help to streamline the logistics of the business.

Seth Laamanen
Lead Delivery

Seth’s friendly, approachable, and diligent demeanor suit his work leading delivery services at Minnesota Ice. His familiarity of clients’ needs and ability to adapt and problem solve swiftly support the function of Minnesota Ice’s logistics team. Seth is eager to offer suggestions on ways to improve business performance and seek success in all he touches.

Sean Sellers
Fleet Services

Within the operations and logistics teams, Sean provides a cheerful, yet no-nonsense style. He continually exhibits his dedication to the Minnesota Ice team, criss-crossing the country for fleet services. With a background in construction, Sean is a handy-man who is always willing to jump into a problem and can fix nearly anything.