Enhance Your Special Event or Occasion with

Our unique team of engineers, architects, CGI designers, and professional ice carvers, will work directly with you so that the process is worry-free and the end result is an unforgettable sculpture. From concept, rendering, product development, delivery, set up, and tear down, Minnesota Ice is with you through every step. We enhance the guest experience and create an everlasting impression.

Single-Block Sculptures

Single-block sculptures can be hand or machine carved to create the design you're looking for. Whether it's a monogram, logo, or custom design, your single-block sculpture will elevate any special event or occasion.

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Starting at $589.97 + tax
3 Dimensional sculpture

Starting at $639.97 + tax
Drink luge

Machine-carved starting at $639.97 + tax
Hand-carved starting at $689.99 + tax
All sculpture orders include tray, bucket, light, and hose.
Color-fill pricing: First color = $39.99, Additional colors = $24.99 each
Delivery charges are subject to different rates.

Ice Bars

Make the ultimate statement with a custom designed ice bar. Crystal clear and icy cold to keep your drinks and libations chilled and frosty. Floral infused, custom sculpted, or branded, Minnesota Ice can do it all.

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Multi-Block, Live Demos, Large Custom Projects

Take your event to the next level with a multi-block sculpture, live demo, or custom crafted project. From hand-carved drink dispensers, game tables, and multi-level food displays, to ice thrones, pro sports event activations, and so much more, Minnesota Ice will create a lasting impression for you and your guests.

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