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At Minnesota Iceâ„¢, we believe ice should enhance the visual impact and overall taste of cocktails and drinks. Our Pure & Clearâ„¢ cocktail ice rates superb in clarity, is slow melting to minimize dilution, and is hand-crafted to create the best cocktail ice available. Let us do the hard work so you can entertain with style or just savor the best tasting drink possible.

Pure & Clearâ„¢

The Rock

The Rock is the most popular of the clear cubes. Measuring a perfect 2" square, The Rock is superb for lowball cocktails and single pour spirits.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

The Cylinder

The Cylinder's large size means that it melts slowly and with minimal dilution. Ideally suited for round lowball glasses, The Cylinder works terrifically in muddled cocktails, keeping the contents at the bottom of the glass.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

The Shard

Hand-chiseled and roughly the size of a golf ball, The Shard fits in virtually any glass and stacks nicely in a collins glass, wine glasses, and lowballs.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

The Sphere

The Sphere elevates any cocktail with its crystal clear appearance and perfectly round shape. The wonder of all the clear cubes, The Sphere is well-suited for a classic old fashioned cocktail.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

The Rod

The Rod is currently only available to the hospitality industry and for special events. To inquire about The Rod, contact us through the link below.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

Engraved Cocktail Ice

Custom engraved cubes will take your drinks and cocktails to a whole new level. Whether it's a logo, event icon, or monogram, personalized rocks and cylinders will make a lasting impression on your guests.

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Pure & Clearâ„¢

Freeze-In Spheres

Special occasions call for very special ice, and we couldn't think of a better cube to accomplish this than The Sphere. Edible flowers or specialty elements in our Pure & Clearâ„¢ cocktail ice will make your event exceptional.

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