Why Pure & Clear Minnesota Ice?

At Minnesota Ice, we believe that ice should elevate both the visual appeal and taste of your cocktails and drinks. We're dedicated to ensuring this standard holds true, setting us apart with our commitment to quality and innovation across all of our ice products.


Our Pure & Clearâ„¢ ice is incredibly dense, which results in a slower melting cube. This keeps your drink colder for an extended period of time, preserving its intended flavor profile with minimal dilution.


Eliminating impurities and oxygen from the water used for our ice ensures each cube is crystal-clear, enhancing the overall taste and visual aesthetic of your favorite cocktails and drinks.


Our Pure & Clearâ„¢ ice is hand-crafted to ensure your cocktails and drinks remain perfectly chilled from start to finish. Each cube is meticulously produced for the ultimate drinking experience.

The Lineup

We offer three Pure & Clear products for overnight shipping

The most popular of our clear ice cubes, The Rock is perfect for single-pour spirits and craft cocktails. Each crystal-clear cube with its light-catching edges, enhances every drink it accompanies.
The Cylinder's ample size guarantees a slower melt rate, making it ideal for lowball drinks. Especially nice for cocktails with muddled contents, keeping ingredients at the bottom of the glass.
The Sphere is perfectly round and looks stunning in every drink it's in. Handsome in lowballs, stacked tall in a highball, or floating in a wide-mouth wine glass for the prettiest, refreshing spritz.

Tips & Tricks

To prevent ice cubes from cracking in the glass, allow them to temper for a few minutes before pouring over liquids. This process allows the outer layers of the ice to reach room temperature, preventing cracks when mixed with spirits and maintaining a clear appearance.

Just A Little Love

"I love to host dinner parties and Minnesota Pure & Clear ice has joined the ranks of fresh flowers and taper candles for absolute party essentials. Of course clear ice is beautiful in cocktails but NA sips and even sparkling water are made lovely too. "
- Stephanie Meyer, Cookbook Author, Personal Chef, and Health Coach


"I don’t throw a dinner party without having Pure & Clear Cocktail Ice on hand. Not only does it look beautiful in cocktails, but it makes them taste better, too. I look like a rockstar without even trying! Worth every penny."
- Molly Herrmann, Community Outreach + Events Manager at Malcolm Yards


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Our nationwide, overnight shipping program allows convenient access to our exceptional ice, ensuring that you can enjoy the elevated experience of the best tasting and clearest ice in your drinks.